Dildo Review – Nox by Bad Dragon

Well, I can say I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this for quite some time. As a reviewer, nothing gets me going like verifying a claim or meme. Nox definitely has a meme surrounding it that is in mighty need of verification and testing. Now, I can see some of your eyes rolling into the back of your head at the mention of the word meme. Let me assure that I actually intend it by the definition, a repeated idea. I’m not talking about some text/photo template. No, this meme, this recirculated and regurgitated idea goes a little like this: If you ask around anywhere it’s talked about, even in passing, and your question is “What would be a good first Bad Dragon?” the answer you are most likely to get is Nox. Nox is the beginner Dragon, the first Dragon, by reputation of course. Is there truth to this meme? Does Nox possess features that fit a Bad Dragon novice? Would you outgrow Nox if you weren’t a beginner anymore? Lots of fun questions for a reviewer to tackle, so we shall.

First Look

We’d always suspected, just looking at pictures, that there were elements to Nox’s design that would suit a beginner, but there’s nothing like having the real thing in your hands. I tried to capture the elements as best I could with the images above. With the exception of that 3 pointed ridge on one side of the head, which we’re totally coming back to later, Nox’s design elements are subtle and subdued. Nox is still obviously a fantasy design, but it has elements of many toys in one go. Noticeably absent however is a knot, which really can’t be done gently—It’s either a knot or it isn’t. Nox does however possess variant texturing, a gentle swell, coronal ridge, and a good girth/length ratio that’s just ever so favoring the girthy side. While we have neither—MISTAKE—Nox readily accommodates a suction cup or cum tube. We’d go as far as to say just not to get a Nox without a suction cup. Cum tubes are up to your personal tastes but this design really benefits from a suction cup, basically mandatory.

These design elements make Nox good for multiple tasks; it’s a good thruster, a good toy to grind on(this is where the suction cup would really kick in), and a lovely g-spotter. In the latter case, you run into the only part of this design that is very pronounced, that 3 pointed coronal ridge. Whether it was a heavily tested and iterated feature or a lucky strike, that geometry does wonderful things to the g-spot, and it is intense.

Beginner Specifics

Let’s talk about some things that aren’t so obvious for beginners. We have a penchant for ordering toys in large or larger, and this Nox is no different. It is however, one of the most accessible and easy to use “larges” in our stock. That’s not because it isn’t large, Nox is pretty hefty, it’s that the design just makes it …work. The satiny finish doesn’t fight you on the way down. The head is shaped just right for making a quick entry and the swell behind it is definitely there but lacks aggression. We don’t have to issue the “warm up toy required” caveat for this large. It’s as good at starting sessions as it is finishing them. We wouldn’t blame you for going medium though, it would be even more accessible and is still plenty large. We’ll put the details for that in the sizing section and that’s definitely a more beginner friendly configuration for obvious reason. Our Nox came in medium firmness and it is just perfect, even for the large size where we typically prefer soft. Nox is just a gentle player.

You’ll also notice that the head of Nox deftly blunts right at the tip. This is to prevent cervical pokiness which is another good feature for beginners that don’t even know whether or not they like the pokey—most seem to not. However, as mentioned before, this sudden blunting is just enough to stop the pokey, but it is not enough to make insertion difficult.

If you get a suction cup, which you totally definitely should on Nox, then positioning the toy solo gets very easy too. It might seem weird to say that when we don’t have a suction cup on our Nox, but we have other Bad Dragon toys with suction cups on them and know how they perform, like on our Crackers. A Nox with a cup will easily hold onto drywall even if it has a slight texture. Showers? Check. And if you’re going for a grinding session it’s easy to affix to a flat surface with some weight to it, like a non-carpeted floor or a mirror, maybe a mirror, hint hint mirrors are fun—be careful to have that mirror backed by something that wont flex though, learned that the hard way. The base on the large is a suitable hand hold for thrusting but the medium would definitely be more comfortable without sacrificing any of the other features discussed so far. As popular as Nox is, there’s information out there for harness compatibility as well as making your own shibari harness for it. It’s a good thruster so it works there too. In fact, there’s a really hot video of Nox floating around where some denim pants serve as a suitable harness simply by having the zipper open. Did we mention versatility yet? That also means that Nox can save you some money, since you don’t have to—but you will, the law of pringles applies to fantasy dicks—buy more specialized toys to fit a lot of roles. Nox has your bases covered.

That brings us to a very intuitive value argument. Nox isn’t necessarily something you’ll outgrow. This isn’t like a beginner DSLR, or kayak, or rifle, or bike. Those things are designed to allow you to get your foot into a hobby, and as you establish what your prefences are and really dig in to how your current gear is limiting you, then you step up into the higher tier items that fit exactly what you do. Nox isn’t like that. We’ve collected dozens of silicone fantasy toys. Many are suited to a specific purpose, and many others are for generalized play, but that didn’t make Nox’s impact any less special. Nox is a hell of a general purpose toy, and you won’t outgrow it simply by being ‘experienced’.

So Nox covers a lot of design bases, can help you learn your own preferences for fantasy designs, and when cared for will last just as long as it satisfies. That’s a huge value proposition, even though it’s priced like any other fantasy toy of its class. This makes Nox great for beginners, especially young beginners that don’t have the financial security to start a whole collection. Nox could easily serve as ‘the one toy’ through the ramen years. There are certainly other toys that easily fall into this category, but that’s a comparison for a round-up, which we’re keen to do.

Nox may not have been intentionally designed as the go-to ‘first’ Bad Dragon, but it’s reputation as best-in-slot for the job is well earned.


Sizing is a very personal thing that involves individual factors that we can’t and won’t try to cover comprehensively. Too many moving parts to that equation. I do however think that for many of you the Medium size could be a good fit, let’s drop the size chart to explore why.

SizeDiameter of HeadD-Score HeadDiameter of ShaftD-Score ShaftUsable Length
D-Score represents the ratio of the cross sectional area of the median penis with the cross sectional area of the toy, a D-score of 2 means twice the girth of the median penis.

As we mentioned before, ours is a large, so the coronal ridge clocks in at 2.3 inches in diameter and the swell clocks in at 2.8 inches. You can see the D-Score there flirts with 4. That might be a bit much for many of you. However once you step down to the medium you get very manageable D-Scores for the head and swell of 1.4 and 2.1 respectively. You also retain a good insertable length of 7 inches at medium. We think those are very good measurements for a “medium” fantasy toy. This certainly isn’t the notorious “how is this medium?!” Flint. I guess that’s more bonus points for BD beginners. The small is also, actually small, getting only to 1.8 inches in diameter at the thickest point with a usable length just under 6 inches. At the end of the day you’re responsible for knowing what you can and can’t handle, I can only provide measurements and derivatives thereof.

For us, the medium and large and sweet spot sizes and we’d be happy with either. We like our large but the medium still has plenty of length and girth. The measurements on the small however come in close to our small echo, which was just small enough to be relegated to anal duty. The XL is gonzo as XLs tend to be, at least vaginally.


This is a bit related to size, because there’s a bell curve here. We find that Bad Dragon tends to have really high ‘base’ (whatever that models smallest size is, generally) costs and the up-charges for sizing up tend to be small. So while we don’t think the small size at 75 dollars (with no accessories or fancy colors) is good value compared to the competition. However, as you go up in size, the medium at 105 is easier to swallow and the large at 135 is very price competitive. If you refer to the size chart above that 30 bucks from medium to large represents a whole lotta dick, and that goes double for going from large to medium for another 30. For the amount of silicone involved in the XL 165 is actually cheaper than market average, that’s easily 200 territory for all but a few indies. So while the biggest value lies at the biggest size, I’d call the Large the best bang for buck simply because the XL is so inaccessible. Medium is also in a worthy spot.

Bonus Material

Bend, Squish, and Rambling


Even for an experienced fantasy toy reviewer, Nox makes a lasting impression. The reasons to pick up Nox as a first BD are many, and the drawbacks few. Between the versatility of the design, the well placed sizing of medium and large. Heh, guess I didn’t mention the 100% platinum cure silicone yet, it almost went without saying. The fact that it could be the ‘one toy’ for quite some time without getting boring is a big plus. When you consider that only people that are already experienced with fantasy toys would know where they find the design lacking, if anywhere, Nox certainly lives up to it’s hype as the go-to first model for those who do not yet own a Bad Dragon toy, or fantasy genre toy. The only caveat here is that it’s a bit pricey compared to its competition when considering its smallest size. If you think Nox is for you, it can be grabbed here. Suction cup feature is practically mandatory.

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