Dildo Review – Large Splendid by Uberrime

Are you interested in a dildo so good that it took 2 months of navel gazing and words of encouragement from colleagues to figure out how to express how splendid it was? Don’t worry, I’ll be more lenient with the puns from here on out as I’d rather keep the exploding SUVs to a minimum. Today we’re reviewing the Splendid by Uberrime in its large size. This dual density dildo is made from 100% body safe platinum cured silicone and is widely distributed through prominent e-tailers such as Peepshow toys, and SheVibe. Uberrime also sells Splendid directly, and that’s how we picked it up.

As ATY grows, I get to lay down cool qualifiers that I didn’t before, such as mentioning that we purchased Splendid for our own personal collection and we’re just reviewing it because we’ve elected to. Splendid also gives us a chance to dip back into the traditional dildo market for a little while. Our main shtick is silicone fantasy toys, and in that capacity Splendid represents an opportunity to talk to both audiences. You see, the manufacturing process for those highly textured, or wildly shaped or sized, gorgeous dildos is practically identical to the process used to make Uberrime dildos at the macro level. As such, they share many properties and coming to that realization is what allowed me to break writer’s block on this one. This isn’t just one of the best dildos ever put to market, it occupies a small space where traditional and fantasy designs overlap.


Splendid’s design is meant to achieve G-spotting or P-spotting with ease and effectiveness with it’s large head and pronounced coronal ridge. At the large size we’d add A-spotting to that list without reservation. Both versions of splendid have a secondary ridge after the first, but it is far more pronounced on the large. Splendid has a harness friendly and anal safe design thanks to it’s widely flared but reasonably sized base. Dual density silicone allows splendid to stand tall and firm while maintaining a gentle and forgiving feel.

The texture does not end after the coronal ridges as Splendid comes with some nice deep veining along the length of the shaft. A slight anterior curve makes use even more ergonomic. No ‘straight featureless tube’ here. Like many of the fantasy makers, Uberrime pours their products by hand, which enables fun designs and colors. In our fantasy toy reviews we tend to include a lot of images because of the complexity of the toy designs and how asymmetrical they can be, but we feel this one captures all of Splendid very well.

You can get Splendid in a wide variety of colors, we chose scarlet pearl.


When we leave the realm of the fantasy cocks, sizing can get interesting to talk about. Even within the fantasy genre it can be wildly inconsistent. Different markets think very different things when you use the word ‘large’. Splendid clocks in at 2 inches in diameter at the head, a usable length of 7.5 inches, and a shaft girth that floats between 1.83 and 2.07 inches from top to bottom. I’ve put a handy chart below in case that’s easier for you to follow.

MeasurementHead DiameterShaft Diameter NarrowShaft Diameter WideUsable Length

Quick Reminder: D-score is a measurement that essentially gives us the number of median sized dicks to equal the girth of a toy. You can read D-Score more easily as “This is how many dicks this is worth in girth”. So a D-Score of 2.5 would be 2 and a half dicks of girth, to make it simple. We’re moving this to D sized batteries soon but in the mean time.

SizeHeightUseable LengthMax CircumferenceD-Score

That’s actually pretty large. While this size isn’t difficult for Emily it still provided a nice full feeling. She’s really sensitive to toys that are too narrow. The ratio of the coronal ridge to the rest of the shaft creates a defined pressure wherever it goes and a pop sensation on insertion. That latter sensation is widely reviewed and raved about all over the review-sphere. It’s a near universal praise of the design, and I only say near because I haven’t read absolutely every review on it, of which there are legion.

How it Played

That gets us into our usage section. The main takeaway here is that the design of Splendid accomplishes the things the marketing says it will—why does this have to be such a rare thing in the sex toy industry? Sessions with Splendid were fast and satisfying. While girthy enough to provide full feeling and to really pressure the g-spot, it wasn’t so girthy that it needed a significant warm-up period. Deep penetration was easy and effective. Orgasms came quickly. For our larger toys we frequently have to reach for the Palm Grease, or in any case use a ton of lube. Splendid doesn’t require nearly as much lubrication, which also makes cleanup speedier. The dual density kept the aggressive coronal ridge and large head from being too punishing, so there was no after-use soreness and the ride was anything but rough. A filling but accessibly attainable experience.

Gateway Dildo?

Coming from the fantasy dildo niche there were some things about Splendid that we almost took for granted. Many of the features available in Splendid are staples of the fantasy market—the dual density is a standout exception here. Uberrime itself has a few high fantasy designs including tentacles, and Splendid isn’t listed under their ‘realistic’ section either. I had similar thoughts when reviewing Vivo, but they weren’t as well formed or as strong. There were missing pieces of understanding about the traditional toy market, which we left in a hurry. There’s been a large shift in thinking about how and why dildos are made and designed even from just a few years ago, and the fantasy market seems as supply constrained as ever.

Splendid isn’t alone in stradling the fantasy and traditional designs here, but it is an exemplar. There is more demand for softer dildos that treat you more gently, even if they aren’t soft 100% of the way through. There is more consideration about what happens to your body when a dildo is used, from the design elements to the materials used in manufacture, even the color pallets. It leaves me wondering more strongly about thoughts I published here a long time ago in, The Fetish That Wasn’t.

That is to say, if you enjoy Splendid or dildos like it, that there are enough shared elements between them and fantasy genre toys to suggest that you test those waters. As I mentioned in The Fetish That Wasn’t, that while it was a small subset of kinksters and un-served fetishists that helped birth the fantasy sex toy market, the aesthetics, functionality, and materials(I’m not saying the fantasy sex market is responsible for safe materials here) have much broader appeal and serve a much broader purpose. Having broken from the chains of phallic replication device, fantasy dildos were free to explore different shapes and configurations. Patterns have even emerged in these designs as they succeed and fail. Knots, swells, and hyper-textures are still designs that you primarily find locked up behind the ‘fantasy’ gates, waiting for you only if you walk through.

There’s another niche that had a similar revolution in thinking about sex toy design in the recent past. Clitoral stimulation focused toys have seen a somewhat similar reset in how they are designed, as if someone just took a step back and honestly asked, “no really how do we stimulate the clitoris effectively?”. Once just a thing you could ‘also use a vibrator for’ sex toy companies are tripping over themselves trying to make lightning strike twice in clitoral stim design, with both success and wild failures. Paradigm shifts can begin with the simplest questioning of the status quo. Splendid asks that question.


Splendid is one of the most widely and positively acclaimed dildos that exist on the market today, and we have to affirm those findings. Splendid checks so many of all the right boxes. It is body safe, easy to use, versatile, effective, and consistent. A large will set you back just north of $100 US depending on where you get it from and what promotions might be going on, and it is worth every penny. Outside of individual use, we also find Splendid to be a member of an important class of toys challenging industry paradigms about how dildos should look and feel. If you don’t have a Splendid, we highly recommend checking it out. If you do have one already, it may be worth your time to consider what it does for you, and where that road may take you.

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