Size Only Orgasms – What Works for Us

Did you know you can have an orgasm from just being full? You do!? Good you can skip this paragraph and head straight down to the toys we found most effective for doing this. Wait you don’t? Well take a seat for a tiny primer. First, ‘size only orgasm’ is just an easier way for us to communicate the more lengthy idea that it is possible to create enough internal pressure to remove the need for motion in achieving an orgasm—trust us that’s also abbreviated, there’s this whole clitoral complex thing and yeah…beyond the scope of this article. There’s no magic size at which this happens, or even whether or not it will work for you. This is entirely body dependent. If the feeling of fullness is already high on your list of preferred sensations you may want to give it a try. Here’s a list of the dildos that do this the best for Emily with links to our reviews of them.

Leviathan Large – Available from Dread The Empire uses a smooth swell shape with a maximum diameter of 2.8 inches to lock you into the pressure.

Apollo Large – Available from Bad Dragon this is as, if not more, effective for this task than fisting for Emily. The head is girthy on it’s own at 2.5 inches but that bottom knot clocks in at a hefty 3.25 inch diameter and as soon as Emily crests it the orgasms immediately start and do not stop.

Croxic Large – Available from Twin Tail Creations adds a lot of textures and interesting contours with a head that’s forgiving on the cervix. It clocks in at 3 inches diameter at maximum, putting it not too far behind Apollo.

Did you notice that each of these toys features a swell or knot shape that helps lock them into place after you’ve crested their largest features? Not to be confused with smaller but similar features like coronal ridges, these designs actively prevent the contractions that are sure to occur during use from ejecting the toy at the worst moment.

Insertion depth is another factor to consider. Apollo may rock Emily’s world the hardest once in, but it’s also the most likely of the three to run into depth limit issues. The biggest part of Apollo is very near the bottom of its 8 inches of usable length and even with the squishiness of very soft silicone it may be a straight up no go for many of you. Croxic and Leviathan however have their size crests significantly closer to the top of the toy.

While this shape is unusual outside of the fantasy toy scene, Tantus Inc.’s H-Bomb and Fist Trainer are notable exceptions. Beware though the H-Bomb clocks in at 3.7 inches max diameter. I’m not sure even Emily could do that. Fist Trainer comes in at 2.6 inches and most the girth is comfortably near the top. We haven’t personally tried the Fist Trainer or the H-Bomb, but Felicity over at Phallophile Reviews took the Fist Trainer for a spin a while ago and described an experience that seemed to us to be consistent with a ‘size orgasm’. We reached out to Felicity to make sure and she agreed that her experience could be described as a size orgasm.

It’s really nice to have a more mainstream alternative for this type of play because COVID has spiked sex toy sales tremendously and it’s a bit harder to get some of these fantasy toys right now—particularly Apollo. So if you’re not comfortable or familiar with the process of lurking ‘drops’ it’s really nice to have an alternative from a company like Tantus that offers the familiar click-to-buy experience.

But these are so expensive! We hear you. If you are comfortable with it and have a partner you can trust, or are limber enough to do it own your own, fisting is a much cheaper alternative. If any of that sounds simultaneously like goals but also “how in the world do I take anything that big?” fear not, we’re working on a size guide right now so look out for that soon.

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