State of the Blog 6/25/20

I’ve been feeling a bit more upbeat about writing lately, and I think I’m ready for another spurt of content. So I figured I’d check in with y’all about what I’m up to and the direction I’m taking.

First and foremost lets talk about direction a little bit. This blog started out as a family advice blog for couples just starting out, which included some talk about sex for lots of reasons I’ve written full articles about. With the exception of some people that specifically bug me about it—y’all keep doing that I enjoy writing for you—that content doesn’t really get any attention. Those sex articles and toy reviews though, y’all seem to really like that so that’s what I’m going to write. We’re still not monetized over here yet, and while I’ve had some vague ideas about monetizing it’s not a priority for me right now. So what do I care about my views if I’m not getting paid? Well don’t let people fool you, it sucks writing stuff that people don’t read, paid or not. I like writing stuff that will actually get read and I’m getting clear signals that toy reviews and sex articles is what y’all want to see from us. Which, we’re passionate about that topic anyway so that’s fine, my point is if you want more of the family/relationship content you should ask us directly for it on twitter. It will happily be written. Just slide into those DMs it’s fine. Otherwise, expect a much larger focus on the bedroom from us. Until next time!

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