Dildo Review – Croxic by Twin Tail Creations

Today we are going over Croxic – Class D Kaiju by Twin Tail Creations, inch by glorious inch. We got ours in Large, and we adore it. You’d think that’d make for an easy review right? Nah. This review won’t be coming with the typical recommend/don’t recommend valuations as Croxic is simply too complex of a beast for that—though I’ll reiterate Croxic occupies a ‘quick grab’ position in our warchest, it’s amazing for us and we love it. There is just so much going on with Croxic. However, that same complexity does give us the opportunity to really do a deep dive. So this review will serve a couple of purposes; first to detail Croxic’s features for experienced dildo users who might be interested, and second to showcase the kind of imaginative variety potentially waiting for you in the fantasy dildo market at large. I think it goes without saying that this review will be quite picture heavy but I’ll mention it anyway.

First, let’s tee up exactly what we’re dealing with here. Croxic comes in four sizes and three firmness options, which we’ll go into more detail on further down. Our Croxic was purchased in the Large/Soft configuration, so that’s what we’ll be going over today. We purchased this toy with our own money, Twin Tail Creations has no idea we’re doing this review much less had a hand in it. We went for a Black Friday coloration being offered on …well that’s obvious isn’t it? Starting with the aesthetics we’ll begin at the top and work our way down, with plenty of pictures to go around.

This is a top down view of Croxic’s cupped head which is a toy feature scantly seen even inside the fantasy toy world. Obviously a cupped head is harder to insert than a pointed one, all other variables being equal, but this doesn’t cause us any issues with our use. Our Croxic is large sized and usually requires a warm-up toy in the first place. Even though it’s also a very soft toy in this configuration, by the time warm-up is over we have no issues inserting Croxic. Also, the profile design of the head allows you to mitigate this a bit by insertion angle. Picture below demonstrates what I mean. You can see how the ‘point’ of the cup is roughly on axis with the shaft center. While we had no trouble with insertion I should mention that there are some use styles that wouldn’t play nice with the design. Truly hands free squatting and wall mounted positions would be difficult in our configuration, and we suspect most configurations. If you don’t mind guiding it in you shouldn’t have trouble, but we know a lot of people like to play that way with zero help from their hands. It would also get cumbersome if you like your toys to come all the way out and re-penetrate frequently. If you’re not used to handling toys this size and weight you could also find yourself tiring quickly. I know I really got a taste of that after injuring my supinator.

There’s more to this head than just how it goes in. Croxic’s head is very gentle on the cervix and you can really get aggressive with it. I took these pictures close enough in to try and give you a good impression of the matte finish. The finish is neither tacky or glossy smooth, it has a significant but not hindering amount of grab to it. Toys this size ought to be lubed in the first place, heck, toys in most sizes ought to be lubed in our opinion, just make sure you’re using a quality lube that won’t dry out on you mid-run and since that automatically runs into a lube type that is a firm no-no I’ll remind you never use silicone lubes with this or any other silicone toy. We recommend thick oil based lubricants like The Butters when going this large as well.

As we clear the head we run into a lot of texture while also experiencing the size increase of this toys swell shape. On the dorsal side—best term I can come up with to orient the thing—of Croxic is a narrow spine-like set of bumps aligned vertically. On the ventral side you can see 2 columns of ovuline raised bumps arranged around a larger spine-like feature. The outer set of bumps have a somewhat vertical orientation while the inner set is markedly horizontally oriented.

That is to say nothing of the excellent contouring on Croxic. This isn’t a simple swell shape, texturing not withstanding. I attempted to capture these contours by changing up the lighting a little.

The Dorsal side is contoured along each side of the bump ridge, which you can see in the highlights of the image above. The ventral side has a more uniform shape, again texturing not withstanding. So at this point you can see the base and you might think that means we’re done, but I haven’t gotten to the amply sized suction cup yet.

With a base that large there are surfaces the suction action isn’t going to work on or won’t work as well on—normal sized bath tile comes to mind—but on my bedroom wall I had enough trouble removing it by just pulling that I got the notion to use it as a punching bag. It wouldn’t pop off the wall until I really leaned into it, and when it did pop off the wall the resulting pop noise was akin to the volume you’d get from stomping on one of those large shipping air bags in the kitchen. There was some force there. I strongly recommend against doing that to your toys but it had to be done for SCIENCE!™.

Time for some measurements! This section is pretty straight forward. If you’re a new reader we use a measurement called D-Score in addition to more traditional measurements. In short, D-Score represents how many median sized penises it would take to come up with the equivalent girth. If you are curious about what exactly that number is and how that’s calculated and why we even use it you can read more here. Just for fun we also weighed ours and it clocked in at approximately 1.2 kilograms or 2.6 freedom units pounds.

Total Length5″6.25″7.75″9.5″
Insertable Length4″5.25″6.5″7.75″
Circumference of Head3.75″4.75″6″7.25″
Circumference of Shaft5″6.25″7.5″9.25″
Diameter of Head1.2″1.5″1.9″2.3″
Diameter of Shaft1.6″2″2.45″3″
D-Score of Head0.7″1.1″1.7″2.5″
D-Score of Shaft1.2″1.9″2.8″4.2″

I’d call that a great spread of sizes that should cover just about everybody, though I will have to say this is far from a beginners toy at any size. While I think there’s nothing inherently wrong with a beginner taking Croxic for a spin, I just don’t think it’s likely that a newbie—many of which aren’t even aware of what they like yet—is going to find all of Croxic’s features to be in their pleasure wheelhouse. It’s got texture, girth, an unusual shape—especially in the head. This is more of a toy for people who know how to compare the Croxic with their experienced and developed list of desired features, and that’s the bottom line. For the rest of you I hoped you enjoyed touring this fun and unique dildo.

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