Lubricant Review – The Butters (3-pack Sampler)

The Butters is hands down the best lube we’ve used. There, review over right? Nah, we’re still going to deep dive this, there’s a lot to it, but The Butters set a high bar in going the distance with size play, and anal play.

It should be stated that The Butters is actually our first fooray into oil based lube, so a lot of how surprisingly good these were for us might be laid at those feet. Never the less we can’t compare this to hypothetical oil based lubricants we haven’t tried yet so we’re not going to bookend our experiences that way. So why now? What made us decide to try an oil based lubricant? Basically because our lube reviews could use some love, and PeepShow Toys was able to send us the sample 3-pack as part of their affiliate program. So thanks PeepShow Toys because we likely would not have reviewed these otherwise. If you decide you like these lubes enough to try them you can help support out content by using our affiliate link, which will enable us to greatly diversify our reviews. 100% of anything we make there will be going right back into this.

If you are also new to oil based lubricant there’s some things you need to know going in. Firstly, oil based lubricants are not safe to use with latex condoms and will degrade them. As with any lubricant, always check your known allergies against the ingredients. Stick to lamb skin, nitrile, or polyurethane condoms when using oil based lubricants. The Butters are safe on silicone, metal, and glass toys. That gets us to our first major finding; for those of us that can enjoy bareback sex safely, there’s no effective downside to The Butters. Some oils can increase the risk of vaginal or urinal infections but those ingredients aren’t present here.

One of the reasons we’ve avoided oil based lubricant for so long is we were told that they tended to be messier, and we expected to come to that conclusion going in. We actually find the opposite to be the case, and again, here come some situational caveats. Emily and I rarely have sex in situations where soap isn’t readily and discreetly available and we also employ towels almost all of the time. Why? Well, Emily expels a lot of fluid during sex and we enjoy size play. That’s a lot of body fluids and lubricant so towels are necessary with or without toys. Okay, so why the specific call out about soap? Well, not to bore you with a lot of chemistry regarding soap but it is expected that when soap enters the picture an oil based lubricant will be as easy if not easier to clean than water based and especially silicone based lubricants. This has a lot to do with emulsions and polar molecules but we’ll save that conversation for another time. As a side note, we make our own soap. In regards to our other favorite lubricant, Bad Dragon’s cum lube, we find that the lubricant tends to be hard to clean with soap and we’re basically just using the water to help scrape it off most the time. I also don’t find water based lubricant to be that much naturally cleaner in the first place excepting the little quirk that it tends to have dried up by the time you’re done with whatever it was you were doing, effectively cutting down on the mess involved, but also not lubricating either.

That’s not to say water based lube is particularly hard to clean, just that the oil based lubes are very easy and quick to wash off in a manner that shouldn’t have, but did, surprise us. If for some reason you regularly have sex where soap is often denied to you, then oil based lubricants messy reputation may hold true for you after all, but I still doubt that, at the very least in the case of The Butters.

I should take a step backwards a bit to describe exactly the products we got, after all we did receive three and I’ve been referring to them by the company name so far. The products we received are The Butters Hygienics Co.; Original Lube, Cocoa Butter Lube, and Palm Grease. All three come with informative labels describing their ingredients, their usage warnings regarding materials, and even the Ph, very handy for those Ph sensitive folks out there (it’s Ph 4 for all three by the way). If it matters to you, they are all also 100% vegan formulas. All three came in the 4.1 oz sample sizes, for a total of 12 oz of lube. They all also vary by viscosity, with the original formula being the thinnest, cocoa in the middle, and palm grease at the top end. So basically, this is going to be 3 lube reviews in one and I feel the need to point out that Emily really went above and beyond for this one. Not that she didn’t do so eagerly, but it was super extra.

The first formula we tried was the Palm Grease—the thickest of the three—and I want to put the results in the context they deserve to be put in. Emily and I have been married over 11 years now and we’ve been screwing each other for close to 13. We know each others bodies pretty damn well and it’s been years since we ‘over did it’. We over did it. Too much toy, too much dick, for too long. We didn’t know until afterwards because of the comfort level afforded by the Palm Grease. Emily was sore for a full day afterwards and not in the pleasant afterglow way. Emily was however, inspired by the incident to push some limits, especially anally, which she’s been exploring for some time. Vaginally she was able to take her Large Apollo, a 3 inch diameter monster, in under 5 minutes. A clear record for her.

After the Palm Grease we waited until things had calmed down and tried the original formula on a few new toys we’ve picked up, both of which are in our review queue. We got a large Dragon Egg from Pleasure Forge and the newly sized Medium Leviathan from Dread the Empire, both fantastic toys from fantastic independent toy makers. Play was a breeze and, in keeping with the trend, less bogged down in warm-up.

Emily’s clear favorite however is the Cocoa Butter formula. Middle of the pack viscosity out of the three, it still comes closer to Palm Grease than it does the original formula. This formula felt the most moisturizing to her, her skin loved it. She was able to do things with a new level of comfort, like vaginal and anal plugging, which we used to our advantage on our most recent date night. On that note, we were using a small Leviathan as the vaginal plug. Leviathan is definitely not designed for that, on account of the huge base, but it was testing time. Op success. The cocoa butter formula endured all 3 hours of that without showing a hint of drying out or slowing down. If you’ve ever done public vaginal plugging before you know it’s easy to hit periods of dryness and wetness on an arousal roller coaster and it’s critical for your lube to endure those cycles. The Butters do that. Those of you who enjoy wearable butt plugs long term you may wanna give these a shot.

Let’s talk briefly about storage. These 3 formulas all have different melt temperatures, with the Palm Grease topping out at 103 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ve talked a lot about and have shown pictures of viscosity differences between the three and these were done at a room temperature varying between 72 degrees and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. If your ambient temperature is much higher or lower than that it will change the initial viscosity. In any case, after some skin contact these all loosen up quite a bit. The most practical concern regarding storage temperature of these is going to be winter time and the Palm Grease. Drop the storage temp by like 20 degrees or so and it may turn more solid—we replicated this in the shed, yeah, it was a lot harder. Your body temperature should be able to quickly change that but it’s something to consider.

As I mentioned near the beginning of the review we received these as a 3 pack sampler in 4 oz each. That goes for $25 USD at Peepshow Toys. We can’t recommend this enough if you are exploring these lubes for the first time. We definitely have a preference on which one to get in the future—that would be the cocoa butter. I do hope PeepShow Toys starts stocking those separately, as the only way to get cocoa and Palm Grease as of writing are by going directly to The Butters website Original formula can be purchased on PeepShow Toys in the 2oz and 8oz sizes so if you decide you like those the best you are all set. I suggest getting the 8oz size at Peepshow Toys over the 2oz. 8oz size costs $16.99 USD and 2oz just isn’t really enough. Amusingly enough we really dig the 4oz sizes in the sample pack, and because these don’t dry out like water based lubricants they last longer than their contents would suggest, as we’ve not had to re-apply the lube even one time during testing.

If you’re wondering how these stack up to silicone lubes, we strictly prefer the oil based. We collect lots of silicone sex toys and having silicone lube hanging around just isn’t a good idea for us at all. On top of that, while it shares a lot of the endurance properties of oil based lubes like The Butters it is very very difficult to clean completely off and we just find it’s difficult to work with.

We hope to review more oil based lubricants in the future, but for now The Butters sample pack comes with our highest recommendation and is our new favorite lube for any task that isn’t filling up a cumtube in a giant dragon/horse dildo. See ya next time.

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