The Many Faces of Valentine’s Day

So naturally, what would a couple’s blog be without a post about Valentine’s day? It’s easy to forget the many faces this day wears for so many people as you focus in on your partner and their happiness.

Is this the Valentine’s day you’re going to propose?

Is it the first one you’ve spent with someone that really matters?

Is your 7 year-old learning the super wrong kid friendly version in school they’ll have to unlearn in a few years?

Is this the dozenth Valentines day, are you struggling to make it special?

Is it the twenty-fourth and you’ve not missed a beat on any Valentine’s day?

Are you at the supermarket rushing around wondering how it is you keep forgetting?

Did you break her heart today?

Did your man make the other girls at the office jealous?

Did you do something that she’ll never forget? Did you set the bar too high?

Is today the day you say yes?

Is it her first time? Is it yours?

Did you put in an extra tip for the hotel staff?

Did you phone it in?

Did you make it everything you could?

Most importantly, did you make it yours?

Happy Valentine’s Day Emily. You’re the reason I keep going. Happy Valentine’s Day to my only daughter. I hope when you’re old enough to appreciate them, they’re all good memories. Happy Valentine’s day to the person who inspired me to actually start this project, you know who you are.

I love you all.

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