Things We’re Watching

Not everything I want to post deserves its own stand alone. Here are some of the small things we’ve been taking a look at that don’t rate their own post (yet).

Sex Dolls Keep Making Headlines

There’s an article over at The Sun that’s taking a look at the lives of three men who decided to become long term companions with very expensive sex dolls. While the article seems to focus on the weirdness and the laughable idea that these are dangerous to real women, I was more interested in the fact that all three of these men, having purchased an object specifically to act as a sexual proxy, all did things like feed, dress, and cuddle their dolls. I don’t think it’s lack of sex that causes someone to drop over 6,000 pounds on a silicone facsimile of a woman, it’s the lack of companionship. I think it says a lot about our assumptions of the male motive in a relationship.

Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration Released

Emily and I have been keeping one eye on the Satisfyer concept for a while now, we’ve just never pulled the trigger. The original and best selling concept was simple, use pulses of suction instead of traditional vibrations to simulate an oral experience. There are lots of reviews and praise out about the results. We’ve never pulled the trigger on these items despite our curiosity. The third generation of these products goes hybrid, and adds traditional vibrations to sucking pulses. We’ll be pulling the trigger on this soon.

Book Reviews

I’ve almost made it through the pile of books I’ve read prior to launching this blog. I’m looking forward to getting more reading done. Book reviews are by far my most popular posts so I know y’all are looking forward to them as well.

NSFW Images In Feed

Had a reader alert me to this shortly after our review of The Vamp. I’m still learning some of the details about how WordPress picks images (or doesn’t pick them) for the reader feed. Apologies to anyone who got an eye-full of silicone dildo on their feed without warning. Emily and I are working on some branding tricks that should make this a thing of the past.

Amusing Antics From the APA

Apparently the APA could use the services of a harder science, like marketing. They’re currently engaged in a totally avoidable PR nightmare that psychology at-large could have done without. How about next time you simply call it “guidelines for achieving better therapeutic efficacy in men” or any of the other dozens of options that weren’t obvious dog whistles for pushing an agenda. The truth behind the intent of these guidelines no longer matters, they’ve been poisoned by terrible ttone deafness about their presentation. Sheesh.

That about wraps it up. Cya next time.

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